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Welcome to the on-line installation tutorial!

This tutorial will show you how to install a Jimmi' Jammer® on the following vehicles:

General Motors S-Series mini pickups and mini SUVs: (This kit will not fit the Envoy or Trailblazer models)

Chevy S10 truck 1994-03 and Blazer 1995-03;

GMC S15 Sonoma, 1994-03 and Jimmy 1995-03

Oldsmobile Bravada 1995 - 03

Jimmi' Jammer® Part Number: 051800 (marked on back of package) each plate is marked Right or Left (or R or L). Right plate is for passenger side front door, Left plate is for drivers door.

Time Required: First door about 30 min, second door about 20 min, depending on your experience.

Tools Required:

Special thanks to Mike H. from Maricopa, AZ for use of his trick S10 for this tutorial. Thanks Mike! (Mikes Dad also suggested the T-Shirt trick for window crank removal, thanks to him too.)

Installation Procedure:


This photo was taken of Mike's passenger door. This shows why our product is needed on the S-series trucks and SUVs. Mike lost several items from his truck, and on another occasion, his girlfriends S10 had also been burglarized.

Mike found us on the internet and agreed to let us photograph the installation for this tutorial.

Read through the following tutorial to see how to install the Jimmi' Jammer. Don't wait till it's too late!

Photo 1

The first photo shows the inner door panel. First, remove the window handle crank. It is held on with a C-Clip around the handle shaft, push in on the panel near the handle to see the two ends of the clip, near the body of the crank. If you don't have a clip removal tool for this, use an old t-shirt and work it back and forth against the ends of the clip until it comes off. This takes some practice, but seems to work nicely.

When the clip comes off, the window handle pulls straight off the shaft.


Photo 2

Remove the two bolts holding the panel onto the door. There is one bolt under each end of the armrest pull grip. The proper size tool to use is 7mm hex socket, but we used a 9/32" nut driver and it worked fine. These are not too tight so are easy to remove. Be careful not to lose the bolts.

Photo 3

Remove the screw in the center of the inside door handle shroud.

Photo 4

Carefully pry the shroud off the door panel. There are snaps holding it in place, be careful not to damage them. The shroud should lift off easily.

Photo 5 (This photo is from a different installation, but is included for demonstration purposes.)

Use a door panel popper to pop the panel clips out of their holders. There are several clips around the perimeter of the door panel. To begin, pry the panel away from the door and look behind it to see the clips. Work your way around the door until all clips are released, then the panel will lift off the door frame.

If you don't have a panel popper tool, a large flat screwdriver will work. Just use a small block of wood behind it for leverage. Work carefully and the clips are normally re-usable.

Photo 6

With the door panel removed, carefully peel back the splash guard far enough to reach in through the lower cutout. There is a plastic plug in the upper left area of this photo, below the window and near the door jamb. Removing this plug allows more light into the door and allows you to look in to see that the plate is placed correctly. See photo 9 below to see an example of how the plate fits to the handle.

Not shown, remove one bolt from the outside door handle. Remove only the bolt nearest the center of the door. Do not remove the bolt near the door jamb.

Photo 7

Prep the plate by taping two flat washers to the back side of the plate, over the bolt hole. Note that the washers are on the opposite side of the bend along the top edge of the plate. The tape will prevent the washers from falling into the door while you install the plate. The washers help keep the plate straight when the mounting bolt is tightened.

Use a lock washer and the replacement bolt provided with the kit to bolt the plate to the handle.

Photo 8

Bring the prepped plate into the door cavity from below. Look through the door plug removed earlier to see that the rectangular cutout area of the plate surrounds the lock cylinder on the top and bottom.

Once the plate is in place, use a replacement bolt from the kit with a lock washer on it to bolt the plate to the handle.

Snug up the bolt.


Photo 9

Here is a handle outside the door showing how the plate mounts to the handle. It is not necessary to remove the handle from the door to install the plate. This photo just shows how it should fit.

The two upper holes on the plate are only for some handles that have casting flash on the backside. Otherwise they are not used.


Once the plate is in place, use your door key to test the lock action. Make sure there is no interference between the plate and lock rods.


No photo for testing.

Finishing up

Now that the first door has the plate in place, you can re-assemble this door in reverse order. The other door will be easy!

Now you can place the window warning label in the lower corner of the window. Place carefully since the adhesive on the stickers is really good.

This completes the installation.

Do you have comments or suggestions? Feel free to visit our contact page and send us an email. We also have free tech support should this tutorial not answer all your questions.

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