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Why steal license plates?

A thief might steal the license plates off your vehicle to hide the identity of their vehicle!

If you frequently drive on toll roads and have a transponder on your plate, thieves steal the transponder to avoid paying tolls! The bad news is, you can still be held responsible for the fees they rack up, plus the fees you haven't paid since your pass was stolen.

Of course, another less dramatic reason can be that the thiefs' car has expired tags, and he doesn't want to renue them yet, so he steals your current plate to avoid renewing his for a while!

Either way, if your plates or transpoder are stolen, you are in for a big headache in getting them replaced.

Prevent this crime before it happens to you with the Plate Keeper™!


What is the Plate Keeper™?

A custom security screw and tool set that prevents easy removal of your vehicle license plates or your expensive frame.

  • Security screws made from solid stainless steel.
  • Very difficult to remove without the special tool.
  • Easy installation , no cutting or drilling.
  • Comes with complete instructions and installation/removal tool.


Our unique screws are
very difficult to remove
without the special tool!


With a screwdriver and 30 seconds a thief
can steal your vehicles identity!

If you have a toll road transponder,
protect it with the Plate Keeper™.


Which kit do you need?
Here is how to tell...


Sheet Metal type screws are used on most American made vehicles.
Machine screws are used on most Asian and European made vehicles.

Plate Keeper is not affiliated with E-Z Pass,
but is compatible with licence plate mounted

We make three different sets of the Plate Keeper™

For most American made vehicles, get PN 400900 (Sheet metal style screws.)
Standard length is 3/4", other lengths available.

For most Asian (Toyota, Honda etc.) get PN 400910 (Metric machine style screws.) Also fits Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.
(Subaru owners will need to check screw type and size before ordering.)
Standard length is 16mm (5/8") other lengths available.

For Mercedes or BMW and Mini vehicles, get PN 400920
(Metric machine style screws, 16mm long.)
BMW owners: Please measure your screw length before ordering. Some vehicles will require a short screw (12mm) which we can supply with PN400922.

Still not sure which kit you need?

Most American made vehicles will use sheet metal style screws, and most Asian and European vehicles will need a metric screw kit.

If you want to be sure, just remove one of the screws currently holding your license plate on the vehicle and compare it to the photos shown above.

Still not sure? Take your screw to any hardware store and ask them to size it for you, then call or email us with that information.

We'll make sure you get the right kit!

Special case? We can do that!

Some vehicle manufacturers don't put mounting holes for license plates on the front of the vehicle.

In these cases, the car dealer will sometimes add a bracket onto the car, or drill holes in the bumper to mount the plate. This commonly happens in states which require a plate on both front and rear of the vehicle.

The result of this is sometimes different screw types used on the front and rear of the car. If your vehicle is like this, no problem!

Either stop by any hardware store and ask them to check the sizes of your front and rear plate screws, or contact us and we'll help you figure out what you need!


To open a new browser window and see a 3 min video about the Plate Keeper™, click here.

To return to this page just close the new window.




For our dealers, we now offer the Plate Keeper™ in counter top display boxes with 8 kits packed inside and ready for display.

Call or email us for details. (Note: Must meet our dealer requirements to buy display quantities.)


Each kit contains four screws
and the special installation tool.


Plate Keeper™ packaging


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