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To protect the tailgate on your Ford F-150, Raptor, F250/350/450, or Ranger , you will need:

Part Number - 200745

Scroll down to see a list of vehicles this part number fits.

Gate Keeper® installed on truck Gate Keeper® bracket & tool

Instructions included

Cross check: This kits fits these vehicles

Ford F150 trucks,
Ford F250/350/450/550
Ford Ranger,
1993- 2012
Ford F150 trucks,
Ford F250/350/450/550 Super Duty
1999 - 2016
Does not fit Ranger 2019 and newer

Ford F150* trucks,
2004 - 2014
*Fits all F150 based trim packages and models, including Raptor.
Does not fit 2015 and newer F150 based trucks, or 2017 and newer Raptor.
See PN 200750.

Does not fit 2017 and newer F250/350/450/550.
See PN 200750.


We also have a Jimmi' Jammer® lock protection plate for the 2004-14 F-150 and 2008-16 Super Duty locking tailgate handle. This plate will prevent thieves from punching the lock into the gate in order to remove your new style gate and put it on their older truck! Check it out here.

Gate Keeper®or Jimmi' Jammer® for my tailgate? Which should I choose?
In general, the Gate Keeper® is designed to deter tailgate theft and works whether the tailgate is up or down, locked or not.

For some Fords with the locking tailgate handle, the lock can be defeated by breaking the lock holder part of the plastic handle using a screwdriver. This means if you have a tonneau cover or topper on your truck, they can break in to steal what is inside the bed, or remove the tailgate. The tailgate Jimmi' Jammer® will help prevent this from happening. Further, if your tailgate is left unlocked, the locking handle is useless. If you think there is the slightest chance that you may forget to lock the handle, we recommend putting both the Gate Keeper® and Jimmi' Jammer® on your truck. A replacement tailgate will cost upwards of $1000, way more for the step model gates, and these two products will help deter thieves from stealing yours!

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