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Welcome to the Jimmi' Jammer®

Gallery of Horrors


This section of our site is devoted to photos and stories that our customers have sent to us. These people have found out the hard way how important it is to protect your vehicle and the possessions inside.

Browse through the photos and read their stories; if you have your own horror story, we would like to hear it. If you would like photos of your burglarized or recovered vehicle posted here for others to see and learn from, please send them to us via the contact page information. We can't guarantee that every photo will be published, but we will take a look at all of them.

From Chris in New Mexico

Chris' E-Series Ford van was attacked by a thief who was able to pry the lock out of the door.

This photo shows how Chris found his van, with several items stolen from inside.

Vans are a very popular target for thieves because they know you probably have video screens, DVD players and other expensive electronics inside to steal.

Work vans are also targets since they often have tools, copper wire and other valuables inside.

Thanks to Chris who helped us develop the Ford Van Jimmi' Jammer® kit.

2015-20 F150 and 2017-2022 SuperDuty or Raptor Ford trucks!  

Here is a 2015 Ford F-150 passenger side handle that was jimmied!

Louis sent us this photo from Puerto Rico. It was the first report we had of the 2015 and newer Ford body style being burglarized in this way.

The thief uses a screwdriver to pry in under the handle. Then, they get at the vertical lock rod inside the door cavity and unlock the door.

It is fast and easy!

The Jimmi' Jammer® plate for this vehicle blocks access to the rods inside the door, AND comes with our PunchPlug™ to eliminate the lock cylinder from the driver side door.

Here is another early break-in on a 2015 F150, this time the driver side.

Not long after this, we started getting calls, emails and pictures where the thief attacked the lock cylinder itself.

Here is an end view of a drivers door handle from another customer's truck.

This is the driver side handle, pulled away from the vehicle as if you were to open the door.

With the door locked, they pull the handle and use a channel lock pliers on the body of the lock, breaking the plastic door lock holder and opening the door.

Our Jimmi' Jammer® kit for 2015 - 2020 F150 and 2017-2022 F250, F350/450 Super Duty and Raptor trucks comes with our PunchPlug™ to eliminate the lock and the JJ plate blocks access to the rods inside the door! See more HERE.

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RW's 2014 F350 Super Duty Ford truck was burglarized just weeks after he bought it.

Note how the lock is pushed into the handle and the face of the lock is damaged.

The thief jammed a screwdriver into the lock and stripped all the tabs. He chose to go with both a Jimmi' Jammer® and PunchPlug™ as part of his security plan.

Remember, the more you can do to slow them down the better the chance they will just walk away!

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Here is a picture of Leon's Impala door handle.

Leon is in St. Louis MO and his 2011 Impala was burglarized at a local mall.

Now he has the Jimmi' Jammer® on his car!

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Ford Ranger Owners!

The thieves are still after your stuff!

<< This photo is from Larry in New York. The thief used a screwdriver to pry the lock out of the door, then was able to move the whole assembly to open the door.

Larry lost his GPS, a Glock 9mm (Ouch!) and several smaller items.

He now has the Jimmi' Jammer® on his Ranger to prevent this from happening again!

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From Lance in Houston, TX, another Ranger!

His 2007 Ranger was burglarized by a thief who used a screwdriver to pry the lock out away from the door metal.

Lance helped us with some pictures and measurements to develop a Jimmi' Jammer® for the Ranger trucks.

Thanks Lance!

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This photo is from Thomas in Houston, TX.

Thomas installed the Jimmi' Jammer's on his beautiful and heavily customized GM truck.

A trip to to the Houston Galleria could have been disastrous if not for the Jimmi' Jammer®.

Here are his comments:

Thanks Jimmi Jammer!!  Houston Galleria…truck is turbo charged, bagged, powder coated frame, corvette brakes, built tranny….lots of  money in the truck…left it at the mall and came out still there with this battle wound…Your product saves again!

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Another Ford E-Series Van

Don W. decided to get rid of the lock altogether and replace it with our PunchPlug™ product after losing a bunch of copper plumbing supplies from this van.

Check out the PunchPlug™ here.

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Tony in Pittsburgh PA sent us this photo.

His 2012 Chevy Express van was attacked and they cleaned out several expensive audio/video components he was supposed to install in a customers home.

Tony contacted us for a Jimmi' Jammer® to install on each door of his van.

Once a Jimmi' Jammer® plate is inside this door, the internal door components are protected so easy entry is eliminated.

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This photo is from Dave C. in Las Vegas, NV.

His H2 Hummer was hit by a thief who just slammed the lock straight into the door!

As you can see to the left, the handle is largely undamaged from the outside, making this method of entry a favorite because it doesn't attract the attention of a mangled door handle or broken window.

Dave found us on the web, and became one of our test installers for the Hummer H2 Jimmi' Jammer®, thanks Dave!

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Another Hummer H2 break-in where the thief broke the plastic handle to get to the lock rod.

The owner was one of several on a popular internet chat site for Hummer owners that had been hit. As a result of these owners contacting us, we now have a Jimmi' Jammer® plate kit for the Hummer H2.

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Below, Dave's Chevy truck was opened using a screwdriver under the handle. To the right, the result. They ripped his stereo out!

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These photos were sent from Tom C. in St. Louis, Mo.
No finesse on this break-in!!

The picture to the right is the drivers side handle where they broke in. On this one, they basically pulled the handle out enough to stick something in and manipulate the lock rod. This is one of the worst entry jobs we've seen, but they got in just the same.

The two photos below show some of the carnage left behind. Tom said he had a nice stereo that they ripped the dash apart to get out.

Another bizarre twist, they left the new Hyper chip performance system in the box on the seat. Probably didn't know what it was!!

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Notice to Dodge owners!! Your trucks are being hit hard by thieves. As the previous photos and these will show, you need to get protected now!

These 3 photos are from Jeff in Chandler AZ. His RAM was burglarized while his wife was at work at a home improvement store.

To the right, look carefully and you can see a little mark where they forced a screwdriver under the handle; below right you can see better the damage with the handle removed from the door.

Directly below, you can see where they tried to get the truck started. They failed, so just grabbed the portable DVD player and some other small items.

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Next 4 pics from James in Long Beach, CA. From top left, going clockwise: 1. Door where the thief pried in, after disabling the alarm from under the truck; 2. missing grill insert; 3. damaged dash with stereo gone; 4. In back where amp rack used to be. After disabling the alarm, the thieves were able to pry into the handle and body seam, all while the owner was just inside the house.

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The photo to the right was sent to us from Georgia. Notice the tiny mark just under the handle where the thief used a screwdriver to pry into the seam. He then jimmied the lock and opened the door. Stereo and other personal belongings were taken. This was done by an experienced thief!

The photo to the left was taken by Bob N. in Los Angeles, CA. His 99 Ford F-150 had just come back from the stereo store where he had gotten a top end stereo, amp, and speakers. This happened in a grocery store parking lot, and the thieves got everything in less than 20 minutes. There were people around, but no one came forward to help find the crooks.
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Jeff B. from Phoenix, AZ sent us this photo of his '03 Ram truck door handle. In Jeff's case, the thieves were after his laptop computer, laying on the rear seat. They were in and out while Jeff stood in line at a fast food place. He found and installed a Jimmi' Jammer after a friend saw it at a local Dodge dealership.

Larry and Sonia F. in Corpus Christi, TX sent this photo of their '99 Ford Super Duty. Ouch!

They lost a stereo and amplifier, both of which were less than 6 mos. old.

The break in occurred while they had dinner in a nice restaurant. They bought and had a Jimmi' Jammer installed before they got a new stereo. Good choice!


Check back as we will update this section with more photos and stories soon.



Remember, a Jimmi' Jammer® can help prevent not only loss of your vehicle, but loss of the personal property you may be carrying around on a day-to-day basis.

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