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Above: This lock was PUNCHED!

Below: A similar handle with the LockCap™
installed to hide the lock from view.


Standard finish on the LockCap™ is textured black paint, closely matching the factory handle.

For colored handles, the LockCap™ can easily be painted to match the handle using factory touch-up paint.


Each LockCap™ kit contains

  • One or two LockCap™ discs, depending on the model.
  • Special RTV, no run adhesive.
  • Complete installation instructions.


What is the LockCap ™ ?

A custom formed steel disc that covers the lock cylinder in your door handle. The lock remains in the handle, just in case you ever need to use your key to get into the vehicle.

Provides a good looking solution to a common problem.

The top photo to the left shows an actual door lock that was damaged by a thief.

The LockCap™ covers and hides the lock, removing the temptation to attack it!


Installation is an easy 2 minute operation!

Kit comes with special RTV type adhesive and instructions.

Ford Super Duty

Ford F150

Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac truck and SUV

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Pricing and where to buy

Each dealer sets their own prices for our products, so if you have one of our dealers nearby, check with them first. If we don't have a dealer nearby, check with one of our internet based retailers.

You can also contact us for any questions you might have.


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